What is the best skin care regime for me?


I have a cosmetic treatment. How should I take care of my results?


Everyone that has ever been through a non-surgical cosmetic procedure wants to know the answer to this question.  Why? Because once you are happy with your results you want to keep them, we want to look healthy and the best we can the longer we can.


Having a successful procedure is fuel to keep you motivated in taking care of your skin, and why not?  Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and the pure expression of who we are. So think about it, a now start having a positive thinking about skin care, it may be easier than we think.


  1. Hygiene

Our skin is the first contact to the outside world, meaning it gets in contact with immeasurable germs and environmental toxins every moment. I know, it’s scary, but it has being design for it the only thing we have to do is remove the excess of it the right way. How? Simple choose any product out there that keeps a little bit of the natural grease of your skin. And effectively remove the dirt of you.


  1. Moisture

Never forget we are 70% water. That includes your skin. If your keep the water in your skin cells they will be healthy and working. Protect your skin from dehydration by using a lotion or cream that build the barrier that will holds the water in.


  1. Scrub

It like cleaning your house to take away some of the accumulative dirt and dust you have to scrubs once in while. Exfoliate your skin once a week you will get rid of the death cells building up with dust on your pores, and you will increase the circulation in your skin leading you to a natural skin glow after it.


  1. Protection

Prevent the damage, sun causes 60% of the fine lines and wrinkles. Use spf 30 you will have enough sunshine in your skin with out the consequences.


  1. Nutrition

You can find in several places diets. but your skin will get whatever is left from the rest of your body. The good side is that the skin is capable to absorb some nutriments that are essential to it, like vitamin C, E, A. hyaluronic acid. This could be the most beneficial components you will like to find in your night serum. Why a serum? Is the chemical way to preserve those vitamins and the way the skin will actually absorb them. Why at night? because sunlight will change the chemistry and will react with your skin not in the good way you are looking for.


Now you know 5 simple steps for the best way to keep your skin looking just as you wanted. You can do this before and after any session with your Cosmetic Doctor, in fact you should do it as your favorite routine. To solve and prevent premature aging of your skin.

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