What to ask, what to avoid, and how to reap the benefits.



Making the decision to seek a cosmetic treatment can be a time consuming task. And to make matters worse, many sites cite a variety of risks to deter potential patients to fulfill their desire for facial enhancements.


A non-surgical aesthetic treatment isn’t a necessarily a risky alternative. In fact for many patients is a high-quality and affordable solution. Many offer complementary consultations and follow ups, for assistance and guarantied results. The key for a successful cosmetic medical treatment is in your hands. All you have to do is – your research! To help guide you along the way here is the list of the top 10 things you should know before any procedure.


  1. Learn about the services offered.

Depending on your needs, theses services could prove to be fundamental in creating an overall positive experience. Check with the Medi-Spa clinic their offers, from consultation, variety of treatments offered, qualifications of their personal, following sessions or check ups, location, opening hours.  Discuss your personal needs with the clinic and make sure that they will be addressed.


  1. Get the best deals for your elected treatment.

Make sure to verify more than one alternative and get a second opinion. Some Medi-Spa may be running a special for the treatment you are booking for. Be aware price should not be the only thing you consider.


  1. Learn about the Medi-Spa clinic size and reputation.

How many years of experience they offer in their practitioners, how many patients they see. A Medi-Spa patient traffic can be a good indicator of reputation. It’s also important to look if their patient reviews. Don´t be shy to connect with patients who previously underwent similar treatments. If you are able to contact former patients, be sure to ask about pre and post care, treatment outcome satisfaction, and whether they would recommend the clinic.  Make sure you ‘ve seen pictures and that you feel comfortable in the space they offer.


  1. Research your doctor.

Try always to speak with your doctor to discuss the treatment plan and any risks that may be involved with the procedure. Know about his qualifications: additional training, any membership, years of experience, where he is graduated? All this information will give you confidence that you are putting yourself under expert care. Provide him with your medical history, so your doctor can fully understand your health needs.


  1. Understand the Medi-Spa expertise.

Does the Medi-Spa clinic state their success rate and back it up with industry accreditations? Does the clinic specialize just in Aesthetic Medicine? Confirm that the services are not just to fill in the gaps for an agenda of other spa services o medical specialties.


  1. Research the quality of medical products and devices.

Make sure to find out what types of medical equipment or cosmetic medical treatment will be used,  and look up their reputation in the market. Are you offered a range of options or are you limited in your choice? There will be many different options as to what the best products mght be, but discuss with your doctor which one is the best for you and identify the treatment suited the most to your needs.


  1. Evaluate the total cost of treatment.

Compare prices of multiple Medi-Spa clinics, knowing the full cost of your treatment in advance will help you to indentify the most valuable offer.

Ex. Are pre-care and post-care determined?

Does your Medi-Spa offers a loyalty program?

Do I need to pay for a check up / follow up of my treatment?


  1. Identify the down time of your procedure

Ask your doctor when will you se results? how long they may last? what and how long will you have to take care of after your treatment? This knowledge will help you decide when is the best time for you to do it. You will be able to plan ahead and your treatment will not interfere in your daily activities.


  1. Ask about the aftercare.

What kind of after care is suggested? Am I able to follow the aftercare instructions? Be sure you get a full analysis of your specific condition your doctor could recommend the best home care suited to your needs that will help you achieve better results in the long term. Some Medi-Spa clinics offer follow up appointments or services like video calls to check on the patient’s progress.


  1. Choose the clinic location carefully.

Just be sure you choose a location that is desirable and interesting to you. Ensure it suits you daily activities and you feel confortable in there. With a successful treatment you may be willing to keep coming back for touch ups or other conditions.


Taking the right amount of time to know more about your treatment options, the doctor and Medi-Spa clinic will address any concern many patients face before deciding to undergo an Aesthetic treatment.



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