Non-Surgical procedures used to rejuvenate the skin also can change the way we look.


Everyone has ever experience a challenge with the mirror. That one-day you sit facing your own reflection and naturally you pose one side to the other then you go up and down. You make a proper examination and then it comes the question in your head. What if I have a slightly difference in the shape on my nose? Or maybe different lips? At the same time you send kisses to person in the mirror. You touch your face and push your cheeks higher to see how will those look too. And the play keeps going to imagine a more definition in your jaw line, and even higher eyebrows. Finally you answer to you yourself. Well, I’m not going to spend all my money to have plastic surgery to change my face.


So what if you could do all those changes and small improvements without a surgical procedure and for a fraction of the cost? That will allow you to have the face you want. Yes! That one you know you like, after filters, and touch up apps. That one you like the most on your social profile selfie album. Now you are asking. How can I model my face contours? Where do I go?


To understand how it is done. Let’s start to think of the face in 3 dimensions and multilayered. It has a structural support, the muscle layer, the soft tissue layer and the skin. Different techniques and available treatments targeting the dynamics of your face and it’s tri-dimensionality can achieve a successfully face contouring in a Doctor’s office. All you will need is a Cosmetic Doctor that understands non-surgical procedures and he will use his skills and knowledge. The offer will be the use of different fillers and precise targeted Botox-like treatments. It is a very artistic and 3-dimensional process and it is amazing how non-surgical Aesthetic Medicine can immediately improve the way we look. The most satisfying fact is that no one will notice how or why you look different, and more attractive. The greatest advantage is that the non-surgical aesthetic medicine is most of the times reversible, and without down time.


When you make the appointment your practitioner will explain the different treatment options available and discuss the best one for you. Be confident your needs have been understood that will guaranty satisfaction in your facial desires. Trust in the artistic hands and aesthetic eye of your practitioner is key to also get good suggestions. Non-surgical face contouring is on the rise and if what you are looking for is to own your best selfie. Now you can.