Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Cosmetic Doctor.


We’re not saying you need a little enhancement. But hey, if you’d like to try it or are curious about the procedures (and it’s kind of Impossible not to be, given the current state of popularity and variety of products), It’s important to fill up on facts before you go plumping anything.


The first step is to read up on injections everywhere you can. If you’re still interested after you’ve done plenty of research, then it’s time to find a doctor. Not the first doctor you find, but the best doctor you can find.


A couple of tips: If a doctor wants to do any procedure without a through and transparent consultation, you should keep looking for your best candidate. Why? Aesthetic medicine is both art and a science. Just because the expert has an MD after the name it doesn’t mean is the best qualified. It’s important to discuss the side effects and see examples of a doctor’s past work, and always be clear about your expectations.


Many times seems that people spend more time on which outfit they will wear on the weekend than on whom they’ll let stick needles in their face. It’s important to find the right doctor by having a consultation with a couple of them.


Anyone with a medical training can legally do injections, which means any one in the medical field. To be sure you are with a qualified medical professional, the best is to go with a certified professional review his background, preferably a board certified, and who comes with sterling reviews and has been doing lots and lots of Aesthetic treatments. Expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $1200 for a round of injections. The rule “you pay for what you get “ is scary but true in the cosmetic field.


Selecting where and who is doing your treatment is the key to achieve incredibly natural results, or not so. This is partially because it goes deeper than just selecting the right treatment. The fact that matters is that some doctors have a better feel for nuance and aesthetics than others. See real before and after pictures of the patients to have a more realistic expectation about your results, as there is a lot more artistry in the injections than just injecting a wrinkle. To have more appreciation to get the right proportions for each person is something some practitioners have more developed than others. So never let other than your doctor specialist do your treatment.


If you have more questions by now, then the lecture is right. Here are the key points you will need on your search for the best doctor:

  1. Choose a Licensed Aesthetic Medicine practitioner.
  2. Do a personalized consultation; expect to hear your recommendation, the side effects, after care instructions.
  3. Never accept an injectable treatment from other than your doctor.

4 Cost always will come at a fair price between experience, location, and practitioner. 5. Always ask to see real before and after of the real patients. And confirm those are similar to your own expectations.

  1. Evaluate your candidates between: education, years of experience, volume of practice, and results shown on his patients and / or reviews.


By booking no more than 3 consultations with the different options in your area applying these simple steps, we can guaranty you can find the best Aesthetic practitioner for you. So don’t get crazy and take your time selecting who will keep you looking incredibly and naturally good.

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Dr. Christian Carreon, Co-Founder of Alumko & Medical Doctor

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