Botox. Is there any better?


In the battle anti-aging is Botox the best treatment?


We all heard about it, we all have make jokes about it too. Regardless we like or not the use of botulinum toxin to smooth out the dynamic wrinkles is growing in popularity every year, billions of treatments are performed and the effective results just lead people to come back for more.


Since it is so popular treatment and the market is simply just growing annually there are now different options in terms of the brands your provider can choose to erase those line son your forehead and your crow’s feet too.


The prices are very competitive among them what you should look at is the overall result and the time of action. For example a very good competitor for Botox is Dysport, which offers onset of the treatment in less than week, compared to botox, which you will have to wait at least a week before noticing any difference. Another benefic of Dysport is that this fast onset action will provide you results for almost 4 months, when with the traditional Botox you will have to visit the doctor’s office every 3 months. And the last benefit added on is Dysport has shown a study were it clinically probes that there is better elasticity of the skin treated.


So the answer is yes! There is something better than botox. On your next appointment ask about the options you are offer for better and longer lasting results on your traditional anti wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin. However what is the most important will be the physician credentials and experience, communication, education and expectation of the patient are all key to having an optimum outcome, regardless of whether the procedure is, and which brand is offered.

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