6 things you should never do after a cosmetic treatment: What to do, what Not do and how to make the best of your cosmetic treatment.

Either is your first time or you do know each step of the way is always an unbearable fear to do something wrong right after the treatment is done. The big question is I have something done. What’s next?

1. Do not touch.
Since we were child we were told do not touch! In fact that is still the first cause for side effects. You may have done a chemical peel, botox or fillers, even a simple deep cleaning of your skin, the hands are in contact will every surface all day right after your cosmetic treatment the less thing you wanna do is to apply dirty over clean clothes, right? Besides the first couple of hours from your botox treatment and fillers you can still move around the components in your skin and that will affect the hard work of your doctor did to give the result. You were expecting.


2. Keep it cool
What ever is the cosmetic treatment you just have, you certainly should feel good to do something about yourself. But extra pampering yourself with a hot bath is not the best idea. One of the most frequent side effects is a small inflammation on the area treated and the most frequent cause of having a big inflammation area or bruise is staying in very warm places right after the treatment. If you had a treatment in the morning and a meeting at the club in the afternoon do not join your friend in the sauna or sunbathe for the rest of the day. Once the inflammation goes it wont be a problem. In fact many clinics can provide you with a small ice gel pack to keep it cool  for the hour follow your injectable treatment.

3. Avoid intense activities
Non-surgical procedures are nowadays the most effective and simple way to treat sign of aging in your skin. You have virtually no down time but definitely is not a great idea attend your hot yoga right after your treatment. High intensity activities will rise your blood flow ad the temperature of the body will open your pores and you will start sweating, since you want to keep the surface of your skin as clean as possible, and botox and fillers can be less effective in high temperature before the treatment is settle.  In general you will have to wait from 2 to 4 hours before  you can attend the insanity class you are so exited about.

4. Supplements and pain management recommendations.

The medical cosmetic treatments are so popular because are relatively painless that the people is not afraid of needles anymore.  But one of the things to take care of is bruises, if for any reason you are taking NSAID (ibuprofen, aspirin), Heparin, warfarin. In general every blood thinner like high doses of Vitamin E or K, and that you have observe is causing you to bruise easily you will have to take this in consideration and ask your doctor if is ok to stop it the night before of your aesthetic procedure. That way you will be almost guarantied that this side effect wont happen to you.

5. Stay awake.

The Four hours that follow your treatment are critical to keep it right how it is supposed to be. One very common way to “move around” your injectable treatment is falling asleep face down,  as you will move your face you can push sideways the area that you just carefully corrected. If you just need to lay down, find a chair where you feel confortable and wont allow you to move sideways if you sleep there.

6. Do not panic

If you did a good research about your doctor and the clinic before hand. You should be very confident that they support you. In fact they have provided you with a list of instructions and recommendations before you left the clinic.  Follow your instructions carefully and never hesitate to call back and ask if something is not clear.

Whatever is your lifestyle and the treatment you undergo, the instructions are very simple and easy to follow they will just require your attention for a couple of hours. What most doctors recommend is, in fact to do your daily activities go to the super market, read your emails, attend a meeting. When you realize the time will have passes and there is nothing to take care of.

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