Which are the right decisions when it comes to pricing my cosmetic treatment?


We all do it. And it is fare enough to get the best of our money, but when it comes to medical procedures barging shouldn’t be an option and it is not we want the best doctor the best clinic. The reality is that the best will be related to “the best” we can afford.


On cosmetic treatments the game is a little different because we can choose what we want and we can wait until we can do it where we want. So how can I get a discount without sounding cheap at the doctor’s office?


  1. Decide what you want

The first thing to get the best savings is to plan ahead, wether you are looking to have a targeted wrinkle treatment or a full skin rejuvenation, knowing your options can give you a better value to your money. Most clinics offer discounts to subsequent treatments or big saving on several treated areas on one visit.


  1. Decide when you want it

Seasonality on sales is something we are used to on our everyday shopping but when we think about cosmetic treatments we may forget that this an exclusive area on the doctors office where season sales may apply. Therefore if you plan ahead you may get better prices in September and January.


  1. Decide who will do it

Here is were price is not important and quality vs quantity most be in your head a professional with high experience will not be cheap and you wont find a discount voucher for his practice. But what many well respected practices offer is referrals discounts. So the next time you book your appointment at the same doctor you have a better offer when you bring a friend.


  1. Decide where are you going to do it

You may find in your area a significant difference in price when it comes from a high-end medical spa practice and a not so serious salon office. Trust your gut feeling the best practice will be the one that offers you professionalism and support after your treatments. If you choose based on how trustworthy is the clinic and that suits your lifestyle you will be satisfied, which at the end is exactly what you are looking for.


  1. Decide how will you commit

If you think about getting in shape for the wedding of your cousin or getting in shape for life you will have an economic difference. Who decide about a healthy lifestyle ended up spending less in fast solutions with short-term results. Same happens with your skin, the longer you commit to take care of it the longer your results will be and it become very affordable to maintain the results.


The best savings on any cosmetic treatment comes with the results if they are perform with quality and knowledge you won’t spend extra time and money trying to fix an unsatisfying result. Think about how good will you feel after having the best treatment you could have. And stay with that thought when you think about trying a cosmetic treatment from a voucher discount instead of the practice of a full qualified professional.


Make the right decisions and you will find yourself paying for what is worth and having overall a very happy experience.

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Dr. Christian Carreon, Co-Founder of Alumko & Medical Doctor

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