Dr. Christian Carreón, Co-Founder of Alumko, Medical Doctor

Dr. Carreón is an expert in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments. He visited 81 countries practicing aesthetic medicine and performing different cosmetic face, skin and body procedures for international clients. He learned first hand knowledge in aesthetic medicine in one of the top aesthetic surgery clinics in Miami in US, is Certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, has done his training for cosmetic treatments in Munich in Germany and continuously strives to deliver the highest service quality for his clients. With Alumko he is sharing his knowledge globally for his patients and everyone interested in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic face, skin and body procedures. 

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Non-surgical lift. Possible?

Imagine a world in which hooded lids, falling cheeks, and lazy jaw lines can be treated without a single incision?

Energy waves for skin rejuvenation?

It is being used to reduce sagginess and to soft wrinkles Even though it sounds revolutionizing radio frequency, has been around for over 10 years..

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Dr. Christian Carreon, Co-Founder of Alumko & Medical Doctor

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